Philosophers in data - eBook

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Philosophy and data seem two completely disparate fields. Looking for links between two vastly different fields of study can inspire you and entice some self-reflection.

As a philosoher who wound up in data, I created a series of articles about how you can be inspired by philosophy to improve the way you use data in an organization.

I bundled these articles in a small e-book with these subjects:

Table of content:

  • Plato vs Aristoteles - Top-down vs bottom-up approach
  • Immanuel Kant - The observer is central
  • Martin Heidegger – Learn the language
  • Wittgenstein - Logic vs storytelling
  • Whitehead - The only constant is change, but how to model for this view on reality
  • John Rawls - Veil of ignorance
  • Martha Nussbaum - Use data to retrain your gut feeling
  • Summary - Are you climbing the right wall?

What are the parallels between philosophy and data?

Want to get a feeling for the approach we take in our ebook? Watch this short video on the parallels between philosophy and data to get a gist:

Have fun and let me know what you think!

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I bundled a couple of articles I wrote on Data Philosophy together in a small ebook.

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Philosophers in data - eBook

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